Visiting Puerto Rico ,an American Island in the Caribbean.

Arriving in San Juan, Puerto Rico on a cruise ship is always an adventure. Your first impression is that the city of San Juan is absolutely beautiful. Pristine water, beautiful palm trees of every kind, green areas everywhere, so many monuments from the colonial period interlaced with modern buildings and homes. Walking through the city you are impressed with the fact that the city has done so much to restore the areas devastated by Hurricane Maria which dealt quite a blow to the infrastructures and the city as a whole. Amazing to acknowledge that some many forts built during the colonial period and are some six hundred years old are still intact or with minimum damage.

The cobblestone streets of old San Juan and the narrow streets are a legacy from colonial times too. Spanish style homes facing the blue sea, new buildings vying for recognition among the old and very elegant buildings of another era all this is what makes this American island unique and special. It is a mixture of the old and the new, the American lifestyle and the old Spanish lifestyle, the American businesses like McDonalds, Walgreens and others right along side the Puerto Rican culture establishments. The beauty of the island is not only its natural beauty but also the warmness of its people and their love for their island and how proud they are to share it with outsiders. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this island surrounded by the Caribbean and the Atlantic and bathed in some of this earths most beautiful areas.