Looking forward to seeing family and friends in Finland? It actually might be possible by the end of summer, as Finland is planning on lifting COVID-19 restrictions in steps.

The Finnish government released their plan how to exit the current COVID-19 restrictions. If everything goes as planned, and the number of COVID-19 infections stay low, it might be possible to resume normal activities in Finland by June or July. This requires though, that everyone participates in following the guidelines and rules currently in place.

During the month of April, the schools can resume in-person teaching, restaurants can open their doors, although there will be some restrictions regarding the opening hours as well as the occupancy. The goal is that all elderly people have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

In May, the restrictions will be lifted more, and children may return to their outdoor hobbies. Museums and libraries are allowed to reopen and commuter traffic withing European Union is possible. The goal is that all people in defined risk groups have received their first dose.

It might be possible to gather in a larger group during the month of June. Restrictions will be lifted even further if the number of positive cases stays under control and more people get vaccinated as the goal is to have 50 % of the working age group has received their first dose. Adults may return to their outdoor hobbies and activities.

The goal for July and August is that 100% of the working age population has received their first dose and elderly people as well as the risk groupers have received their second dose. During July, the restrictions of gatherings will be eased and removed, however, this is done in steps following the guidelines of the “safe events” -model to ensure that the positive case numbers do not start to rise drastically (FinlandToday). Lifting restrictions of gatherings and restaurant opening hours is hoped to help the return of businesses.