New COVID-19 intranasal vaccine developed in Finland, has received promising results and it is finally ready to human testing.

The developed vaccine is different than normally known injection type of vaccine, as it is given through the nose, just like nasal spray. The vaccine in Finland is moving along on getting approved for human testing and the professor behind it is positive that people are willing to be part of the test group.

Kalle Saksela, Professor at the University of Helsinki says in an article in Helsingin Sanomat that the vaccine is ready to move forward in testing. Saksela, Seppo Ylä-Herttuala and Kari Alitalo are the ones behind this nasal spray vaccine, and they say that the results from the animal testing have been extremely promising. The next step is to get approval from Fimea, Finnish Medicines Agency, to move on to testing with people.

Intranasal vaccine possibly available by the end of the year.

The vaccine differs from the more traditional vaccine which is injected to the muscle. This vaccine is sprayed into the nose given a potential to boost immune defense in the mucosa. As COVID-19 spreads through respiratory droplets, using this method in vaccination, people might get better immunity against the virus. The bottom line is that the spreading of the virus needs to be stopped. As it moves, it has more chances to mutate, which is a challenge to all vaccine developers. The technology behind the Finnish intranasal vaccine allows faster adapting to the possible new variations, says Saksela in Mtv News article.

Similar research and studies are currently conducted also in the United States as well as in UK. This method of vaccination might be attractive to many, especially if suffering from needle phobia and giving a spray dosage doesn’t necessarily require a medical professional to perform it. The goal is also to develop a vaccine that doesn’t require cold temperatures to ease the logistical and waste issues.