My Little House on the highway


Hello, I’m Elina. Welcome to follow my journey with my husband Heikki across North America. In this blog, you can get a behind-the-scenes look what life is like on the road.

Saturday 3.27.2021 Columbia, South Carolina

I went with Seija in Columbia in the morning. We had their dog with us. First came the town hall, surrounded by a beautiful park. Main Street was closed for Soda City Market. The event is every Saturday. There were a lot of people there today. After all, it was over 25C / 77F degrees and partly cloudy.

The next place was the Riverwalk along the Gongaree River.  Too bad the river was flooded and the route was closed at both ends.  There were large private houses along the river.  Our walk was short, but we saw a great blue heron ”fishing”. I got a third predation for the video.

Guignard family brick making ovens from the beginning of the last century.

Due to being Saturday, it is sauna time now!

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