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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Ismo on tour

The World’s Funniest Man is Coming to West Palm Beach

The world’s funniest man is coming to Florida. Yes, you read it correctly: Ismo Leikola is returning to the US and one stop on...
Juhannus image

10 facts about Finnish Midsummer – or Juhannus as we call...

Juhannus (midsummer in Finnish) might be the most Finnish holiday I know and as an expat, I am always eager to celebrate all things...
Kalevala the Musical

Kalevala National Epic and the Musical

Kalevala's First Poem “ It is so that mind is settled, brain has thought idea fettled, ballad shortly I’ll be singing, I shall soon its change be ringing, ancient...

Finnish-American Reporter Director Jim Kurtti retires

Jim Kurtti is the grandson of Finnish immigrants that came to the United States from Finland in the early 20th century and settled in...

This is how the Aalto -vase was created

Most of us Finns can find a classic vase designed by Alvar Aalto at home. Today marks the 45th anniversary of the death of...
Kaija Saariaho, Paris, den 12.05.09 Copyright: Priska Ketterer Luzern

And the Golden Lion Goes to Kaija Saariaho

Kaija Saariaho, a Finnish composer has been selected as the winner of the Golden Lion (Leone d’oro) for Lifetime Achievement. Venice Music Biennale announced...
Saint Urho and Saint Patrick

Green Holidays; Saints Urho and Patrick

Saint Urho’s Day is celebrated in March 16th, just a day before the Saint Patrick’s Day, but what is Urho’s day really about? St. Urho’s...
Sanna Marin Time Magazine cover

It’s about TIME: Sanna Marin

Sanna Marin is the cover of Time Magazine – wow. As an expatriate, I felt such proudness when I heard the news that Sanna...
Blind Channel band, with 6 band members

Finland’s Eurovision 2021 Representative: Blind Channel – Dark Side

Finland has selected the song to represent our country in the Eurovision song contest in 2021! The Eurovision song contest in 2020 was cancelled due...

The Sami National Day is celebrated February 6th

The Sami National Day in an ethnic national day and official flag day in Finland since 2004. Although, it is a fairly new national...