My little house in the highway

Hello, I’m Elina. Welcome to follow my journey with my husband Heikki across North America. In this blog, you can get a behind-the-scenes look what life is like on the road.

Monday 3.22.21 Back to work

Loading time at eight local times.  We woke up a few hours before that.  Routine morning activities and back to truck.  Las Vegas was already awake.  Or did it even sleep at all!  When I returned the room keys, so many people were playing in casino and trying their luck.  The jingle of the machines just sounded.  Too bad you can smoke in play rooms.  It is a pity for the hotel employees who have to be in reception desk and breathe in tobacco smoke.  Especially if you don’t smoke yourself. The smell was stale.

There were strict security checks at the Air Force base and it took time at the gate before it was our turn to get in.  The queue of civilian cars went much faster.  There were two queues for loaders and unloaders.  There were many pick up trucks / trucks in the queues.  Our turn at the gate came after just over an hour of queuing.  Waiting again when we got in. There, too, we waited over an hour before we got to the loading site.  And waited again.  Luckily they offered burgers and hot dogs as well as drinks while waiting.  It was already 11:45 am before the cargo started to be on flat bed.  We managed to leave after one o’clock. We didn’t just leave from there, the escort car escorted three trucks at the same time.  And as we went in, we also had an escort.  This Air Force base is extensive.

We left Las Vegas behind us and again toward the Hoover Dam. We were driven at the same time by two pther DSV trucks towards the east coast. I took a picture of one truck as it drove after us. But not for long after driving past. Las Vegas has expanded tremendously and the houses are really close together. And so terrain colored. There are no red, yellow, blue houses. If so, we didn’t see them. This time we drove, to me, over the new bridge next to the dam. The trucks are no longer allowed to drive over the dam. It didn’t feel at all that we were that high. It didn’t take long for the mountainous landscapes to turn into a valley.

In Kingman, Arizona, we refueled and Heikki washed the windshields. I couldn’t enjoy the clean window for long when there was a stain on the window again. And of course on my side! Again, the camera had to be positioned so that the stain was not in the pictures. It was windy and cool outside. A gust of wind was also warned on the light board. The landscape changed to mountain again. We were on I-40 and on the Purple Heart route again. There were cattle on the ridges and we saw one cowboy riding. Someone had built their house in a really quiet place. Nice terrace on the north side. And there was even a small piece of lawn, is it real or fake? Sometimes we climbed the hills upwards, sometimes we descended downwards. We were at an altitude of over 5,000 feet / 1.5 km. Was there a load of bees on the truck flat bed?

Before we descended into the valley, the truck had driven through the railing to the medium. Hopefully the driver is ok. The valley was not long and soon we were on the hills again. And soon down again. Humphrey’s Peak was to the front, left. Later it was on the right and then on the left side again. The scenery was really wooded. On this trip, we could have hopped in Monte Carlo. Or on the road ”Monte Carlo” at least. There was a large herd of Elk along the road. Snow also appeared here and there. If we had had time, it would have been nice to visit the Grand Canyons again. After all, from Williams we visited the Canyons some time ago. Day trip. As a child, we had the saying, “brave eats split pee soup, daredevil school lunch”. Honestly, school food was really good, at least in the 70s. This saying came to mind when one cyclist was pedaling on the highway among cars.

The day was already starting to get dark and we were still on our way. We decided to stay the night in Winslow, Arizona. Tomorrow our journey to east continues.