My Little House on the Highway

Hello, I’m Elina. Welcome to follow my journey with my husband Heikki across North America. In this blog, you can get a behind-the-scenes look what life is like on the road

Friday 9.3.21

Back to work

Our trip this time takes us from Indiana to Oregon.  We have a total of eight unloading sites.  We are transporting those light poles again.  We begin the unloading in Wisconsin, from there to Minnesota. After that we have a long trip to Washington to unload and eventually to Oregon.  There are four unloading sites in Minnesota, quite close to each other, and two in Washington as well.  We hope to be able to unload the first five loads on Tuesday.  Let’s see how it goes.

2098 miles // 3375 km if we drive according to the map instructions.

We started towards the yard where our trailer is kept, around 9 a.m. The sun had already risen a couple of hours earlier and the traffic was quite decent this morning.  A warm day was ahead for this day too, also in Elkhart, Indiana, where we picked up the load. It took about two hours to get there from the yard. It took some time before we left from the yard.

The week at home went fast again, but we had time to do all kinds of things. And the best part of the week was when Heikki and Sami washed the windows.  I baked rye bread and karelian pies for them as a reward.
A few pictures of downtown and the outskirts of Grand Rapids.  There was a fisherman in the downtown river. Hopefully he got a good catch today.
Of course there was road work right from our start.  Fortunately, it didn’t slow our journey down much. We could have gone gambling during that road construction, but we passed it this time.
We also got a foretaste of future corn fields.  However, during this trip we may not see those fields as much as we used to previously.
We had an acquaintance driving behind us and she took a picture of our truck from behind. Sometimes this way 🙂
Fields need to be irrigated from time to time.  I was wondering if it had rained here at all lately?  We had a rainless week, but last week there was a really humid weather for a few days.  Then we did not want to spend time outside during the day.  We went bike riding early in the morning or waited for the evening.
There was no “Welcome to Indiana” sign on this road. There was only a street sign that told us we were close to the state line.
We arrived at the loading site at 12:30 and no one was opening the gate.  Were they having a lunch break? We waited behind the gate for 20 minutes. All was loaded and secured in less than 2 hours.
We had a road construction site in front of us again and the road narrowed into one lane.  I didn’t have time to take a picture of the car, which passed the queue on the right, i.e. shoulder.  I guess s/he was in a hurry somewhere.  Probably to the exit, which was in front of us.
A pickup truck also came in front of us and a lot of black smoke came out of the exhaust.
I-94 was quite congested on our final trip.  The light board indicated that it would take 40 minutes to drive to the Illinois border and a distance of only 17 miles / 27 km.  Luckily we had a distance to the truck stop of only 8 miles / 13 km.  So today we did not go very far.
 Heikki was supposed to have truck washed, but it began to rain.  Would it have helped to get rain home too if we had just thought about washing cars?
When we got to the truck stop, we went for a small walk first.  It rained slowly.  I did not bother us at all.  It was only five o’clock in the afternoon and we were able to take it easy for the rest of the day.  The program included dinner. We were already hungry.  After all, we hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast.  Our fridge is full of food, maybe that’s enough for a week.
During the rest of the evening we went for an evening walk, I read part of a book, Heikki surfed the internet and we watched TV.  We tend to record the evening news and watch it at the end of the day.
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