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multiple images of a vaccine

Life After Vaccine

Florida has already fully vaccinated millions of Floridians and now, all adults over 18 years of age, and young adults of 16 years of...
Helsinki Finland harbor

Leisure Travel Pushed to October

Covid vaccines are distributed around the world and as the number of people vaccinated keeps on increasing, so does the discussion regarding traveling. When...
Airplane reflection on a skyscraper

Traveling this summer – What to to expect

Florida is moving in full speed giving vaccines to Floridians and we can see a glimpse of life getting back to normal. For many...
Kaija Saariaho, Paris, den 12.05.09 Copyright: Priska Ketterer Luzern

And the Golden Lion Goes to Kaija Saariaho

Kaija Saariaho, a Finnish composer has been selected as the winner of the Golden Lion (Leone d’oro) for Lifetime Achievement. Venice Music Biennale announced...
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Vaccine Eligibility Age to 18 in Florida

Once again, the vaccine eligibility age will be lowered in Florida! Governor Ron DeSantis announced in his YouTube channel that starting April 5th, every Floridian...
Finnish flag and women leaders

Women Leaders and Equality

Finland has long been one of the leading countries when talking about gender equality. Women in Finland have had full political rights since 1906...
Saint Urho and Saint Patrick

Green Holidays; Saints Urho and Patrick

Saint Urho’s Day is celebrated in March 16th, just a day before the Saint Patrick’s Day, but what is Urho’s day really about? St. Urho’s...
Fazer Dumle logo with red background

Fazer Discontinuing Dumle Lollipops

When is the last time you enjoyed Dumle lollipop? Enjoyed the crunchy toffee covered with milk chocolate? Now is the time to eat one,...
Image of a Virus, covid-19

Covid-19 Nose Vaccine

New COVID-19 intranasal vaccine developed in Finland, has received promising results and it is finally ready to human testing. The developed vaccine is different than...
Sanna Marin Time Magazine cover

It’s about TIME: Sanna Marin

Sanna Marin is the cover of Time Magazine – wow. As an expatriate, I felt such proudness when I heard the news that Sanna...