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images from The Bahamas

Sharks, pigs and James Bond = Paradise vacation at Bahamas

I wonder if there could be a more beautiful place than the Bahamian Paradise! Turquoise water and the line of islands looks magnificent seen from...
Harri Holkeri ja Nokia

The World’s First GSM Call Done 30 Years Ago – in...

Exactly 30 years ago, July 1st 1991 history was made in Finland. Former Finnish Prime Minister Harri Holkeri made the first official GSM call. Development...
Joe and Jill Biden

President Joe Biden visiting Florida

Joe Biden and the First Lady Jill Biden are flying to Florida on July 1st to visit Surfside, where Champlain Towers South partially collapsed...
Miss Florida competition, Anastasia Valimaki

Finnish Beauty in Miss Florida Pageant

Miss Florida Pageant competition has been organized for 85 years and in this year’s competition we will see Finnish Beauty, as Anastasia Valimaki will...
Juhannus image

10 facts about Finnish Midsummer – or Juhannus as we call...

Juhannus (midsummer in Finnish) might be the most Finnish holiday I know and as an expat, I am always eager to celebrate all things...
Kalevala the Musical

Kalevala National Epic and the Musical

Kalevala's First Poem “ It is so that mind is settled, brain has thought idea fettled, ballad shortly I’ll be singing, I shall soon its change be ringing, ancient...

Salads and Herbs from Finn Farms Green House

Finn Farms is founded by Oskari Karaste, a Finnish entrepreneur. His farm of the future is a green house pilot project located in southwest...

Verified air travel with VeriFLY

Have you already downloaded the VeriFLY application to make your future air travel easier and faster? Especially now when the world is waking up...
US passport

10 Steps to US Citizenship

Ten steps to American Citizenship sounds great! But what is really required of each step and who is eligible to apply. The naturalization process has...
Marimekko Designs and prints

Shopping for Marimekko

Where are the best places to shop for Marimekko in the US? Keep on reading and we'll tell you! Marimekko turned 70 years old this...