Biden Administration is tightening the Covid-19 testing rules for all international flights. The U.S. border opened for tourist travel in beginning of November, less than a month ago. The guideline then was that all vaccinated travelers needed to get tested maximum three (3) days prior boarding their flight. Now there’ll be a change to that.

The new variant, Omicron is causing concern after discovering the first cases in the USA. President Biden announced that the testing prior to all international travel will be tightened. Now all travelers must have a negative covid-19 test result with them taken maximum 1 day prior to boarding.

The new testing rule will be set into motion  starting Monday, December 6th. Other rules stayed the same:

Traveler entering United States must:

  1. Be fully vaccinated
  2. Show vaccination card (in English and information must match the traveler’s personal info)
  3. Show negative Covid-19 test result, NOW taken maximum 1 days prior travel
  4. Or show proof of
  5. Must wear a mask in the airplane during travel

The list of approved vaccines stayed the same.
Approved vaccines are:

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Pfizer
  • Moderna
  • AstraZeneca
  • Novavax

The Covid-19 situation seems to be sifting constantly, so please, always check the current regulations and rules before your flight. CDC, Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website is the best source to check the latest, and updated information regarding all travel, and especially international travel.