UPM Plywood, Arctic Astronautics and Huld have partnered to send the world’s first wooden satellite into Earth’s orbit. The launch will take place in New Zealand Rocket Lab and is projected for fall of 2021.

Wisa Woodsat will be launched into Earth’s orbit in fall 2021 and it is made out of wood – on purpose. The satellite is missioned to test the durability of plywood in the extreme conditions of space. Wisa Birch plywood is tested in the harsh temperatures, vacuum, and radiation of space giving information of its suitability to be used in space structures.

This wooden satellite, called Wisa Woodsat is designed and built in Finland. It is built modeling CubeStat standard, it measures only 10 x 10 x 10 centimeters and the plywood used building it comes from Savonlinna, Finland. It weighs only about one kilogram, and it has two cameras. It gets its power from nine tiny solar cells attached to it.

  • UPM is constantly looking for new ways to create a future beyond fossils and eventually replace fossils with renewable wood-based materials. UPM Plywood is one of the business units of UPM and it focuses on high quality plywood and veneer products including vehicle flooring and LNG shipbuilding to name a few.
  • Huld is a European technology design house and they’ve been part of the space industry since 1989.
  • Arctic Astronautics is a Finnish company which created an educational satellite called Kitsat. Wisa Woodsat is built based on this model.

Wisa Woodsat is planned to orbit Earth at an altitude of 550 kilometers. One trip around the planet will take about 90 minutes.

Wondering, when will we see Woodsat being launched from John F. Kennedy Space Center.