My little house on the highway

Hello, I’m Elina. Welcome to follow my journey with my husband Heikki across North America. In this blog, you can get a behind-the-scenes look what life is like on the road.

Wednesday 3.25.2021 Almost at the destination

Our morning started in decent rain.  It rained for a couple of hours.  It was also dark during that time so I didn’t get a picture of the Alabama welcome sign.  The air became clearer and the temperature even rose to around 20C / 68 F.  Before Georgia we refueled and my fuel nozzle was really slow.  This truck has a tank on both sides.  Heikki refuels his side and I mine. The tank on my side can hold more diesel than the tank on Heikki’s side.  Heikki can’t put his fuel nozzle back in its place until my fuel nozzle is back in its place.  If he did, I wouldn’t get any more fuel.  After diesel, Heikki is still refueling DEF.  DEF needs to be added to newest diesel vehicles to make the exhaust cleaner than before.


At the Georgian border, we lost another hour, so now we are back in our own time zome. Now there is no need to think about what time is the local time.  It is easier for us to always live in our own time zone and in our minds we change the clock according to each time zone.  This also makes it easier to know exactly what time it is in Finland when we call there.  Now the time difference is six hours, but after Saturday again a normal seven hours.

Welcome to Atlanta.  We were faced with a rush hour, for which Atlanta seems to be famous.  When we were in a traffic jam I got to admire beautiful plants along the way.  And later, too.  Spring is here sooner  than in Michigan, for example.  We drove under the runway at Atlanta Airport.  When the space runs out, new means need to be developed.  There were no planes on the runway today. If you’re wondering why we didn’t drive through Atlanta on I-20, it is because trucks aren’t allowed to drive there.  If they could, it would save more than 10 miles / 16 km.  Today, the loop was not congested, only access to it was.

It’s good to have these rest areas here and there.  Although in many states, they have already been abolished.  It is too expensive to repair due to deterioration or are too expensive to maintain.  Worrisome.  Rest areas are great places to take a walk and take breaks between driving.  The distances are really long when traveling from one state to another.  A bit like in Europe from one country to another.

Just before the South Carolina border, there was a road construction site again.  Now there was a big machine in place!  The Savannah River crosses the border between Georgia and South Carolina. More road construction on our way.

We arrived at our place to stay as early as 3:50 pm and there were still quite a few free parking spaces.  It was really warm outside: 90F / 32C.  This year’s warmest day!  The rest of the day’s program included dinner, taking a shower and, of course, an evening after the temperature cooled down.

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