American Crocodile. Photo by Village of North Palm Beach.
American Crocodile. Photo by Village of North Palm Beach.

The borders of the United States have opened and many tourists have arrived in Florida from Finland and the rest of the world. Golfing is certainly the biggest hobby in Florida.

The North Palm Beach Country Club is one of the most popular golf courses in the Palm Beach County. However, there is a new “resident”, more than two feet tall American crocodile. Because crocodiles are an threatened species, federal law does not allow it to be removed from golf course ponds. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has put up a sign on the golf course to warn golfers and other locals.

According to the staff of the Country Club, the crocodile is about 7 – 8 feet long. Staff say that the crocodile is seen sunbathing near the eighth hole. Also North and East of Country Club Drive the crocodile is seen almost every day and at night locals have seen him eating fish in the pond.

Photo by North Palm Beach Country Club

According to the FWC, crocodiles rarely interact with humans because of their shy and isolated nature. However, as with all predators, humans should be careful around them. So the next time you book a teetime at North Palm Beach Country Club, be careful in the eighth hole and don’t take a selfie with the American Crocodile.