My little house on the highway

Hello, I’m Elina. Welcome to follow my journey with my husband Heikki across North America. In this blog, you can get a behind-the-scenes look what life is like on the road.

Tuesday 3.23.21 Four States

Yesterday we drove further than I originally intended due to a possible snowfall.  I was researching the weather map and it showeed snow in front of us anyway.  Yesterday there was still a prediction that today’s snowfall would have already been behind us.  So these predictions changed.

We set off in the dark and the sun began to rise on the horizon.  The road meandered and the reflection of the sun was sometimes in front of us, sometimes on the right.  There were dark clouds in the sky, which prevented me from seeing the sun rise over a wider area.  According to the weather map, we were already outside the snow clouds when it started to snow in the horizon.  Today’s prediction was not true at all.  I guess this snow will follow us around on our trips this time.  Now we were at an altitude of 6000 feet / fair mile / 1.5 km.  Fortunately, there was no snow fall like in Texas last week!

Weather brightened when we reached the side of New Mexico.  But the windshield was dirty again!  We lost an hour in a second. I saw the first blue house.  In the picture, the house is really inaccurate, but it is blue it!

We drove through Continental Devide.

Our journey in New Mexico continued in sunnier characters. We drove again on the Purple Heart route, I-40, now east. The casino would also have been open, but only to those living in New Mexico. Well, we saw enough casinos in Las Vegas. And we didn’t play a penny!

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque had 12C / 53F. Earlier, in the snow, the temperature was only 1C/ 34F.

We crossed the mountains again and after that it was flat again. In some places there was snow on the ground.

We approached the Texas border and decided to try out how good the food is at the truck stop at the border, exit 369, I-40. The food was good, and the restaurant, even the sandwich place, were decorated in a retro style. Interesting to go back in time.

It is a pity when people litter nature. It looks so ugly. That’s why there’s an “Adopt the highway” system here to keep the roadside clean.
New Mexico was left behind and Texas was ahead of us. We lost another hour. The windmills came into the picture again. As well as flat, large fields, too. Was the snow in the forecast again when the road was already salted?

Cadillac Ranch

Just before the Oklahoma border, there were cattle in the field, as was in the Oklahoma side, too. We drove in four states today” Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma. We arrived at our place to spend the night after sunset.

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