70-Year-Old Marimekko and Still Creating New


Armi Ratia founded Marimekko Design House in 1951, 70 years ago and they are still creating new or should we say co-creating! Happy Birthday, Marimekko!

2021 is full of celebrations for Marimekko and the year highlights the unique designs and fabric printing technique. The world knows the famous print Unikko, and surely Kaivo and Lokki bring back many childhood memories to many. What about Räsymatto or Siirtolapuutarha, would you recognize those prints?

The spring 2021 fashion show was seen virtually in fall 2020 and now you can purchase your favorites from Marimekko.com. The collection is also available in Marimekko stores all around the world, but unfortunately we don’t have a physical store to visit here in Florida. Luckily, the webstore works great and your purchases will be delivered to you.

This year’s collection highlights many old prints, and also showcases few new ones. The Co-created collections are done in collaboration with designers around the world. Marimekko gave free hands to designers to interpret the famous prints with their vision. Combining the old with the new, bringing the iconic design to life with new inspiration. There will be 4 different Co-Created collections released in 2021.

Antti Kekki and Matts Bjolini are award winning Finnish Designers and the first Co-Created collection with Marimekko is theirs. They combined Armi Ratia’s words, with Maija Isola’s prints from Unikko to Lokki. The collection has textiles as well as home décor items, all available at www.marimekko.com.

Over the years, Marimekko has done many collaborations with big companies in the United States. Crate&Barrel had Unikko fabrics hanging from the ceiling on their flagship store in Chicago, Michigan avenue. EQ3, design focused furniture and design store, also in Chicago, sells Marimekko textiles like bedding, pillows and throws, as well as oven mittens, kitchen towels and other tableware items. Uniqlo did a collaboration last year with Marimekko and they still have few items available on their site. Target has done several over the years and let’s see when the next one will be.

Several online stores like Wayfair  and Overstock carry the most known Marimekko prints like Unikko for example. You can also visit FinnStyle website or order your favorite Marimekko and other Finnish design items directly from Finland by visiting Finnish Design Shop website.

Did you know that Marimekko also designed a new canvas bag, specifically designed for this anniversary year, and it is yours if you spend over $200 on your purchase. This canvas bag has the well-known, simplistic Marimekko m printed on it and since it is a limited edition, makes me wonder if this will be the next collectible Marimekko item.

And hopefully on our next trip to Finland, we can fly stylishly in Marimekko’s Unikko design…

Finnair airplane in Marimekko Unikko Design
Finnair Airbus A330 in iconic Marimekko Unikko design


  1. Marimekko released a new video on YouTube on 2/4/2021 in honor of their 70th birthday: https://youtu.be/DqHb8jwHfys
    As they describe the video: “In honor of Marimekko’s timeless design philosophy and heritage in printmaking, we are celebrating the future with our short film The Art of Print and Shape, directed by Åsa Riton.”

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